I was 

table dancing in Gadgetzan.

It's a little hard to get a sense of scale, so

here's the table.

As you can see, the inn wasn't very crowded. But that gave me an idea. A gnome with Noggenfogger need never be alone.

Here I am with my new friend.

She said she wanted to fool around, so here we are playing hide and seek.

I took her to Felwood. The bears there are bigger than me, so I had Juk'doom stand guard.

Mining's not easy when the rocks are so much bigger than I am. My friend was getting bored waiting for me.

So after taking one final picture, I bade her goodbye.

But there's still no need for a gnome to be alone...

Here's my new friend, the one with the stupid grin.

Here he is following me through Felwood. Judging by the look on his face, those green tights are a few sizes too small for him.

Erice's Travels